Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tenth District Democrats at the State Fair 2012

 Tenth  District Democrats Stan Mason (left)  and Phillis DeSoto
greeted visitors to the Snohomish County Democrats booth at the
 WA State Fair in Monroe.

It was Senior's day at the Fair.  We had a stack of literature about the national, state and local candidates but we were really kept busy selling a variety of OBAMA buttons.  People also bought bumper stickers and signs.  It was my first experience at retail sales but my advanced degrees in Math got me through.    The sales were encouraging.  It was also fun to met so many friendly people who shared our political passion.

 Gay couples stopping by the booth were happy to see signs endorsing R74 in support of marriage equality.

 Some of the men asked in jest what "legitimate rape" was.   Told them I didn't know.  One man  was really hung up on the concept.   So I expressed hope no-one in our families learns first hand.

Later in the afternoon young adults came by to register to vote - a good sign for the future.

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