Monday, July 16, 2012

Candidate Aaron Simpson Addresses Stanwood Democrats

  Tenth Legislative District Candidate Aaron Simpson (standing)  addressed the Stanwood Democrats at their monthly meeting July 14th in their beautiful new headquarters just west of the Stanwood Country Store.
  Tenth Legislative District Candidate  Aaron Simpson  outlined several issues motivating his candidacy.   He believes that current taxes and regulations favor large agribusinesses at the expense of our local family farms.  Likewise we need to evaluate tax incentives and State regulations as they affect local businesses.  He would support State funding of education  through the entire legislative process often neglected by Republicans. There ensued a lively discussion among the Stanwood Democrats about the proposal to introduce Charter Schools to the State of WA.   Most members believed that charter schools would be a drain on the public schools with no proven benefit.  It did not make sense that Tax money would go to corporate profits instead of teachers and students.   

The Democratic candidates for office in November have left information about their candidacy at the Stanwood Headquarter.   The public in encouraged to drop by to ask questions and get the information they need.  The location is: 27116 90TH AVE NW, 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whatcom Democrats Endorse Darcy Burner

It was a drizzly evening on Thursday June 21 when the Whatcom County Democrats assembled for their monthly meeting at the Sons of Norway Hall off State & Champion Street in Bellingham.  Walking into the room the mood was frenzied as candidates swarmed around voters to garner support for their campaigns.  Many of the volunteers phone-banked for weeks prior to the meeting to remind Democrats to come and vote for a candidate to endorse.  Phone and Email blasts reached over 7,000 voters, I personally received at least 3 phone calls to request my support. 

In the front of the hall were tables of literature, buttons and enthusiastic greeters.  BBQ dinner was served and the atmosphere in the Norway Hall was one of a rock concert -  loud and stiffling hot making the audience feel a bit restless and uncomfortable.  Discomfort aside, the impassioned speeches of the candidates seeking endorsement enveloped the room. 

Darcy Burner won the nomination by a 75% vote.