Sunday, May 27, 2012

Whatcom Women Democrats host Judicial Candidate

On a warm and sunny Monday afternoon May 14th   the Whatcom Women Democrats met for their monthly lunch meeting  at the Super Buffet off the Guide Meridian in Bellingham .  Sunny weather meant a lighter than average turnout of 12 members. Judicial candidate Debora Garrett was the honored guest.

Ms. Garrett gave an update on her campaign progress.  She reported that over 40 people turned out at the Whatcom County Courthouse in support of her filing for candidacy.  Reaching out to the community, Garrett is attending at least 2 events per week around the county.  Yard signs are ready and doorbelling will commence shortly. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Skagit County Democrats Annual Gala Attracts a Crowd

        Over 200 hundred Democrats from Skagit and Snohomish Counties attended their Annual Gala in Mt. Vernon last Saturday.  Eight major labor unions and about a dozen office holders were among those attending.  The keynote speaker, WA State  Democratic Party Chairman Dwight Pelz, reminded us of all the gruesome things the Republicans would do if and when they took office.  So we know the battle lines.  But the good news is that we have some great, younger candidates with good ideas running for office.  I enjoyed the chance to talk to two of them - Darcy Burner (running for the  1st Congressional District) and Tom Riggs ( running for 10th District State Rep.)
Several Luminaries graced the table reserved for the 10th State Legislative District (LD).  Seated from the left are: Phil Lewis,  Snohomish County Democratic Chair & Vice Chair -  Laura Lewis,  DNC Representative to the National Committee - Lona Wilbur,  Jennifer Antione, and  Democratic 10th LD Chair - Ray Miller.  We are all disappointed that the State Redistricting will place Ray outside of the 10th LD, but we are sure that Ray will provide great leadership wherever he is placed. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Whatcom County 2012 Democrat's Caucus

On Saturday April 28, Syre Auditorium at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA was filled with over 200 voter delegates from Whatcom County Democratic Party.  One notable exception was a Green Party Officer who attended and needed a special vote to serve as a Democratic delegate.   Representative Kristine Lytton served as temporary Chair of the Caucus until a permanent Chair was elected during the Caucus. 

The key purpose of the Caucus was to bring together all delegates from districts in Whatcom County for a consenses and approval of our contribution to the 2012 Democratic Platform.   The Platform which will be ratified at the State Caucus in Seattle in June.

Candidates for office were allowed to give a quick 5 minute pitch for their campaign.   Saturday was Caucus day statewide, so two of the candidates (Darcy Burner and Laura Ruderman) were unable to appear personally and sent representatives in their staid.  Please see my article from the February post about Whatcom Democrats Monthly Meeting for details of the candidates' respective platforms.

Planks (statements of policy position) to be considered for the 2012 Platform  were on Coal Transportation/Environmental Impacts and a Fourteenth Amendment movement to redefine the relationship between "Corporations" and "Natural Persons".