Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stanwood Democrats Endorse Candidates for the Fall Elections

               The Stanwood Democrats met this morning to endorse the following candidates for the Fall election.  We are providing links to each Candidate's Web site to help voters to become better informed.  Just click on the name of the Candidate.


Barack Obama, President of the United States
Maria Cantwell, U.S. Senator
Rick Larsen, U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District


Jay Inslee, Governor
Brad Owen, Lieutenant Governor
Kathleen Drew, Secretary of State
Jim McIntire, Treasurer
Troy Kelley, Auditor
Bob Ferguson, Attorney General
Peter J. Goldmark, Commissioner of Public Lands
Randy Dorn, Superintendent of Public Instruction
Mike Kreidler, Insurance Commissioner
Aaron Simpson, Representative, Position 1, 10th District
Tom Riggs, Representative, Position 2, 10th District
Sheryl Gordon McCloud, State Supreme Court, Position 9
Millie Judg, Superior Court Judge Position 11
Eric Teegarden, PUD Commissioner, District 2

State Treasure Jim McIntire claims he is running for reelection to the most important job few are aware of - State Treasurer.  Nonetheless he reminds us of what the State Government accomplished  under the his leadership along with that of the Democrats and moderate Republicans in the legislature during these tough times. 

"When I took office in 2009, banks were failing fast, the stock market was in free-fall, and the bond market was nearly frozen.  Now, three and a half years later:
  • Despite the failure of 19 community banks in Washington, no public deposits were lost, public banking laws were reformed, and $5 billion of local public funds in community banks are now safer.
  • We have financed $7 billion of job-creating new construction in public infrastructure.  We also refinanced $3.6 billion of existing state debt with the lowest interest rates in 50 years.
  •  We saved taxpayers $1.3 billion in interest costs on state debt by squeezing lower interest rates from Wall Street using market competition and creating opportunities for Main Street Washington investors.
  • The State Investment Board is now the nation’s top performing pension fund.  We have recovered all of the value lost in the 2008-09 financial crisis, making Washington’s pension system the 3rd best-funded pension system in the country.
  • And finally, we are doing more with less – financing more infrastructure investments and investing more short-term cash for local governments with 7 percent fewer funds and personnel."

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