Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Money Needed for Stanwood Road Repair

Puddles  after 4 days of Sun Shine on 101st Ave 
 By now Stanwood residents should have received their ballots seeking voter approval for the newly formed Stanwood Transportation Benefit District's (TBD) proposal to raise revenue for roads, gutters and sidewalk repairs.  The revenues would be obtained by charging a sales tax on everyone buying goods and services in Stanwood.  The charge would be 2 cents for every $10.00 spent.

  Today I walked around town enjoying the sun while inspecting the condition of the roads in Stanwood north of Rt 532 that are scheduled for repair and drainage improvement.   While Stanwood had been rain free for several days there were still large puddles along several roads.  Obviously they need better drainage.

There were also many large cracks that will only get larger.  As you can see in the photo above the lovely traditional Stanwood homes were crisply painted but the crack in the road makes the neighborhood look run down.   The longer we put off repairing those cracks the larger they will become and the more it will cost  to fill them in.

Even though I prefer walking on gravel paths,  I suspect most of my neighbors want to drive to work and send their kids to school on relatively smooth roads.  So I voted for the tax to protect my property value.

Our ballots are due in by February 12, 2013.
More details at the City Government web site

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  1. The TBD proposal passed with 68% approval rating. 32% opposed. However, only 29% of the 3400 registered voters mailed in their ballots. So it seems that most Stanwood residents don't care much about their taxes or the condition of their roads.