Monday, March 12, 2012

Candidate Darcy Burner addresses Stanwood Democrats

Chairman Larry Sather welcomes
 US Congressional Candidate  Darcy Burner
to the Stanwood Democrats Monthly Meeting 

   Darcy Burner is now campaigning for the newly redrawn First WA Congressional District.  Saturday, March 10th Candidate Burner was introduced  to the Stanwood Democrats by their newly elected chairman - Larry Sather during their monthly meeting at the Viking Restaurant.

Candidate Burner described how the GOP has rigged the rules of congress to consolidate and maintain power.  Burner reviewed ways that elected Democrats could be more effective in meeting their national legislative goals.  Her experience as the leader of the progressive congress in the other Washington has led to some very refreshingly specific proposals to take down the rigging.    Her ideas are inspiring.

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  1. Burner's enthusiasm for progressive politics is inspiring, especially considering her technology background. Looking forward to hearing more about her.